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Wyoming Plan Service

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Why WPS?

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Our in-depth knowledge of the construction market throughout Wyoming puts market insights and available projects at your fingertips.


This knowledge and expertise, integrated with a vast database of project leads, make WPS a game changer, unlocking otherwise unseen potential for your business.

Daily Updates

We know that having the latest essential information is one of the keys to your success. Never miss new projects or updates to current ones.

Easy Access

Gain access to projects and plans that you might not find on your own. Can't find something? Let us know and we'll track it down for you.



Our members always come first. Contact us anytime with requests, concerns, or questions.

How it works:

Hint: It's Easy

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1. Get access through the shop here and receive the bid book instantly!


2. Browse the vast library of local contractor opportunities.


3. Updates are weekly and each of your employees has individual access for no extra cost.


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